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New World Music Centre’s teaching philosophy lies on the founders’ belief that great music and musical education can help instill true arts appreciation, as well as cultivates self-discipline, self-esteem, and creativity. Our school, which offers music classes Singapore, is composed by a team of teachers who have degrees and experiences in their respective musical fields.


With our music lessons, students can learn and develop aural, technical, and rhythmic skills. Not only that, they are also encouraged to learn how to sight-read notes, as well as analyze, interpret and compose music. Our music school offers the following music lessons: Piano lesson Alexandra/ Keyboard, learn violin lessons at Alexandra Singapore, good cello class lessons in Singapore, Guitar, Ukulele, Drum, Voice, and Theory of Music.


Available Music Lessons


New World Music Centre offers various music-related courses that will surely release your musical capacity. Here are our offered lessons/classes:


Piano/ Keyboard


New World Music Centre offers both piano lessons for beginners Singapore and lessons for those who already have knowledge in playing the piano. An excellent musical starter, we usually recommend piano Alexandra or keyboard lessons for kids as young as 4. Young hands are well-suited for piano lessons for kids Singapore
 and their minds are great and fresh for easy understanding of musical theories. Our talented, well-educated, good piano teacher Singapore can help young and old students alike and guide them well through the basics of playing the piano -starting with reading musical notes, the proper technique, and finally with piano repertoire. The lessons can be tailored depending on how fast the students master their lessons and pieces.


Our piano or keyboard teachers here at New World Music Centre can help students explore between different music genres such as jazz, pop, classical and others. We will try our best to match the student with a suitably fit teacher for him or her, which can greatly benefit the student’s capacity and learning techniques, interest in music, and of course, schedule. Furthermore, we will create a personalized course for each students for an easy and effective way to learn piano lesson in Alexandra.


Most of the time, we teach our piano Alexandra lessons using acoustic pianos. Nevertheless, students are encouraged to practice at home using their piano or even an electric keyboard. While it is ideal to have a full-size keyboard with 88 keys, a smaller keyboard can still be used for practice. Call us for more information about our piano lessons for kids Singapore and piano lessons for older students.






Like piano, it is best to start violin class Singapore early, but we always say that it is never too late to start anything. Starting young allows easier and faster musical note study and earlier training. Violin lessons at New World Music Centre promote student empowerment by helping them connect to the music they love to listen and play with. Our Violin lessons allow them to start young with the fundamentals of violin theory, like the correct way of holding the bow, proper finger placement, reading of notes, rhythm and music notation,  and reading and playing simple songs. Later on, students in our music classes Singapore learn how to play different genres such as pop and rock music, broadway themes, and of course, the classics like Ludwig Van Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, and even the Suzuki method.


Students who have interest in violin class Singapore can have a comprehensive violin course that is tailored for each of them. As the students progress, our teachers will make sure that they develop increased bowing skills proficiency, learn sound production techniques, scales, arpeggios, fingering and vibrato, as well as changes in position to achieve the sound. Intonation, dexterity, and overall musicianship is also developed as you learn violin lessons at Alexandra Singapore.




Cello lessons Singapore at the New World Music Centre are made to cater to each student’s abilities and needs. Our good cello class lessons in Singapore cello teachers use various teaching programs to make sure the students reach their full potential. Like any other music lessons, our cello class Singapore start with the fundamentals of music - reading notes, sight reading, the fundamentals of music theory, tone development, playing by ear, hand positioning and fingering, correct posture when playing, and of course, proper bowing techniques. As the students progress with their cello lessons Singapore,  they will be able to play various music genres like pop, ballad, and classical. We will also help our students develop their self esteem. For more information about our cello class Singapore, please visit our school or call our telephone number.




New World Music Centre also offers guitar lessons using a solid curriculum that makes development of high-musical skills possible. Students can learn the ukulele and acoustic/electric guitar with our lessons. Visit us now to learn guitar class lessons in Singapore.




Regardless if the student is a beginner or experienced drummer, the New World Music Centre can provide a complete but personalized learning course that will suit every student’s needs. Our drum instructor can teach the students various techniques that will help them take their drumming skills to a new level.



Here at our school, we also offer voice lessons or vocal coaching. Our teachers have earned their respective degrees in music and we can work together to help create a comprehensive voice lessons that will suit any student. Our voice lessons include the fundamentals such as proper breathing, pitch, vocal techniques, musicality, and more.


Our Music Teachers


Our team of teachers is composed with Singapore’s premier musicians and mentors. Our senior violin teacher, who also happens to be one of our piano teachers, has a Masters Degree in Music, while Nixon Toh, our piano lesson Alexandra and music theory teacher has almost 20 years of experience in the field. Our ukulele, cello and guitar classes are held by Brian Bromberg and Zac Du - both have respective degrees in music. He can help you learn guitar class lessons in Singapore at your own pace.  Our team of good piano teacher Singapore, on the other hand, which include Juliet Lim, Teacher Marjorie, and Teacher Cindy, are experts in music as well. They will help you learn piano lesson in Alexandra using their expert’s techniques. Our drums teacher, Bob See, is a young and talented lad who is an inspiration for his students, too.


How to Reach Us


Interested in any of our music classes Singapore? Do you plan to take piano lessons for beginners Singapore, or any of our music lessons? You may visit us at our school, located in Alexandra Central 321, Alexandra Road #03-14 Singapore 159971. You may also call us through our phone number +65 6251 3385. Inquiries may also be sent to our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Go on and call us now and experience our quality classes that will help learn good piano class for kids Singapore and other musical instruments.