Welcome to New World Music Centre.

At New World Music Centre, we provide the finest music lesson taught by experienced and dedicated teachers. Our teachers are specially selected from the Music Conservatory .They are all graduated with master degree, degree and diploma in Music.









From Birth to 16 months     Family music class for babies


Group class for Parents to attend with their Babies.

Parents will learn activities that will help them to bond and play musically with their babies and to stimulate the development of the Babies’ Left and Right brain through Music.

Activities include learning how to Sing, Move, Dance, Rock, Bounce their babies and play Wiggle, Tickle and Peek-a-boo game with them.


From 16 months to 4 years    Family Music for Toddlers

Group Class for Toddlers to attend together with their Parents.

Parents and Children will participate together in fun musical activities that foster bonding as well as enhance the Children’s total development i.e. Physical, Intellectual, Language, Musical, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Creativity & Social Skills.

Activities in the class include Singing, Chanting, Moving, Dancing, Focused Listening, Rocking, Bouncing and Playing Developmentally Appropriate Instruments. These activities lay the basic foundation for learning music.